Couples Who Work Together

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Wonderful stories to share on Valentines Day about love, faith, commitment, hard work and trust. These married couples are not only committed to each other and the family life they have built but they also work together in their businesses they have built over the years. One of those couples is Mark & Cheryl Peabody of Peabody Engineering. The Peabody’s are a true testament on making a marriage work and building a business for success. Click the link and go to page 30 to read their story.


Telecom Reseller talks Cell Tower Concealment

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Straight Talk Cell Tower Concealment cell tower concealmentPeabody Engineering supports today’s major Tier 1 and Tier 2 telecommunications wireless carriers and companies with innovative cell tower concealment solutions.  Recently, Mark Peabody, CEO of Peabody Engineering, sat down with Telecom Reseller to discuss the powerful advantages of RFTC (RF transparent concealment) and the future of cell site design across the globe.

From cupolas to steeples, retail spaces and stand alone chimneys, there are so many great ways to extend cell tower reach with a limited investment in large scale stand-alone tower equipment.  In many cases, by using existing building infrastructure, cell tower concealment brings strong wireless connectivity to otherwise rural areas.

Listen to the entire podcast titled, “Cell Site Disguise By Design” here.