We have used Peabody Engineering’s tanks for wastewater storage since 2006. We have installed round tanks and square Gemini tanks at our Washington, D.C. school projects. The square tanks are a good fit in tight spaces. We appreciate the large mouth opening and pump mounting capability of Peabody’s tanks. Peabody Engineering is an innovative manufacturer and is very responsive to our needs.
Tom Shriner, President
Tasco Water Works
I would certainly recommend this supply company to anyone looking for containers and anything else that they have for that matter. I am very ecstatic with the overall customer service and supplies they have available.
– Phillip Steele
They are beyond helpful, they even customized a color for us instead of the blue and natural color to match what our color was which was green. I really appreciated that, also I would certainly recommend them to others and let them know just how happy I have been with them.
– Shawn Castro
I have been working with them for about 10 years. I would have to say that I am definitely satisfied with the products they have available. They certainly have some top notch staff over there.
– Maddie Beck
I would have to say that the staff that I have interacted with were very helpful. They were able to even customize a color of the Gemini Tanks for us, so instead of the blue or natural looking colors they were able to customize it which was great.
– Jerry Ramsey
I have to say, certainly true quality product and packaging they have over there.
– Ivan Green