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Gemini Dual Containment Tanks

Gemini Dual Containment® Tank Systems are unaffected by the ultra-violet rays of the sun or other environmental conditions, which makes them perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The Gemini “Tank-in-a-Tank” design provides you with a perfect solution for storage and dispensing of your chemicals into your processes. Offered in a variety of tank sizes in both round and square configurations, the Gemini Tanks, with standard features like the pump mounting platform, overflow dikes, vented lid and threaded fittings all included offer years of trouble-free and maintenance free service.

A large selection of standard accessories like suction tubes and level indicators compliment your tank for a complete, engineered dual containment tank solution. All of Peabody’s Gemini Dual Containment® tanks meet or exceed secondary containment requirements under EPA’s 49 CFR Regulations. We recognize that storage and containment are vital to our customer’s businesses and these processes are an investment for them. We are confident that our Gemini Dual Containment® Tank Systems will provide our customers with the ultimate double containment system for their applications.

Standard Fittings:

  • Vented twist lid.
  • Pump suction pick up port and return.
  • Drain built into pump mounting shelf.
  • Connection fittings standard on dome top.

Linear polyethylene (LDPE) construction. Polypropylene (PPL), XLPE and PVDF available – Superior chemical resistance for acids, caustics, sodium hypochlorite, biocides, etc. Handles aggressive applications that stainless steel will not.

Gemini Dual Containment® – Cylindricals
Sizes range from 15 Gallons up to 500 Gallons. Visit our Catalog for more information and Part Numbers.

Gemini Dual Containment® – Squares
Sizes range from 5 Gallons up to 175 Gallons. Visit our Catalog for more information and Part Numbers.

Gemini® PLUS
Size 1300 Gallons. Visit our Catalog for more information and Part Numbers.

Watch the making of our Gemini® PLUS Tanks

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