Peabody Engineering has a full service custom design and fabrication department that can design and build a custom product to your specifications. Many applications require precise design parameters that fall outside of our standard offering. In these cases, we have the ability to fabricate a system for you using our wide range of materials, including Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PVDF, Fiberglass and Steel materials.

We offer engineering, CAD and specification services for a wide range of applications.

Our highly trained staff of plastic, fiberglass and steel fabricators can produce a product that will fit the most demanding applications. Some of the technologies we offer in our custom fabrication department are;

  • Thermopneumatic welding (purified air or nitrogen)
  • Thermal Fusion
  • Fiberglass fabrication
  • Aluminum, Steel and Stainless Steel fabrication
  • Custom machining
  • Rotational Mold Making and part production

We can produce a wide array of specialty products to suit many applications, including;

  • Fluoropolymer lining and coating (good for tanks, pumps, mixers, pipes and a host of other products
  • Engineered Seismic and Wind restraint systems
  • Fiberglass platforms, ladders, stairs and equipment support systems
  • High-Temperature Fiberglass overwrap for temperatures to 180 degrees Fahrenheit (polyethylene tanks)
  • Armor-Shield Overwrap for tanks in extreme service applications
  • Custom Dual-containment tank systems
  • Methane Gas Recovery products; including condensate dropout tanks, collection sumps and storage tanks
  • Custom built fiberglass architectural facades, planter liners, work benches, movie props, etc.
  • Skid mounted filtration and pump systems
  • Automatic pump lift stations
  • Other customized OEM solutions

To view all fiberglass options, please visit our catalog.

Do you have a special requirement for a custom rotationally-molded product or tank? Call us at 1-800-4-PEABODY and let’s see how we can help you with your Custom Rotationally Molded Tank Project