Thanksgiving: You’re Welcome

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Happy Thanksgiving 2019Thanksgiving 2019 – We Hope You Enjoy This Years Thanksgiving Letter.

Our office will be closed on Nov 28th and 29th, 2019.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Summer Vacation, Labor Day and Halloween are all in the rearview mirror and all that’s left of 2019 is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Arguably, the best time of the year for joy, gratitude, reflection and renewal, time with family and loved ones and plenty of yumminess to consume and imbibe.

Boxes of decorations are coming out of the storage sheds and garage rafters and homes across America are being magically transformed into amazing wonderlands of seasonal décor as moms and dads are eating the last of the fun sized Snickers bars and Butterfingers in the bottom of those old pillowcases that were overflowing with treats a few short weeks ago.

Every Year, I reflect upon what Thanksgiving in America is all about. Why we celebrate it, try to impart a little historical relevance to it and hopefully impart a perspective lost in our current culture of negativity and the vilifying of those who risked it all and sacrificed their lives to toil, hardship and overwhelming adversity to establish what has become the greatest, most benevolent, charitable and accomplished civilization in the history of the world.

Stepping back in time for a quick flyover, you will see that throughout the epochs of recorded history, there has been an underlying theme of oppression, subjugation, genocide and misery for most of the people who ever lived, UNTIL America Became a Country. If we go back as far as the Phonecians, we remember they conquered a region which is today Syria, Lebanon and Northern Israel. They are credited with developing the alphabet (phonics anyone?), shipbuilding, glass making and the production of dyes and luxury goods. Seems like some pretty amazing people. They worshipped Yamm, the god of the sea and brother of Mot, the God of Death. This is where Baal worship began and the Evil Queen Jezzebel once ruled. Part of their worship involved sacrificing human children by casting them alive into a fire. Okay, maybe they weren’t so wonderful after all.

Read the full Peabody Engineering Thanksgiving newsletter by clicking here. It is in PDF format (2.97mb)

God Bless American Fortitude – Happy Fourth of July 2019

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God Bless American FortitudeOur office will be closed on Thursday July 4th and Friday July 5th, 2019. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 8, 2019.

Independence Day, The Fourth of July, The Mid-Summer Holiday of hot days, Parades, great Barbeques, water balloon fights, family vacations and All-Star Baseball. And don’t forget the fireworks! My dog really hates fireworks, but as a human-being, I LOVE them, with all their colors and splendor, the loud noises and the wave of awe from the crowds, the looks of amazement on the young faces illuminated in the bright lights with each subsequent explosion. It’s a glimpse of the innocence we all had as children, along with the wonder and amazement of new experiences.

We are blessed to be Americans and to have the privilege of celebrating Independence Day. It is a holiday like no other. Today, in 2019 though, we as a people all but forgotten what we celebrate and why. It seems that Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness has either been lost or taken for granted by our younger citizens. People today protest about statues erected in honor of our forefathers, who risked everything in very uncertain times against overwhelming odds to stand up and fight for what they believed were God-Ordained and God-Given rights that were in peril of disappearing forever under the strong hand of tyranny from the British Crown of King George III.

Placing Right Hand Over HeartThe media today paints these brave and selfless patriots as horrible people who are better forgotten than celebrated. They assign social standards to them from today that didn’t exist then and try to change the reality of that time by projecting their own naive reasoning to people and times they have no understanding of or desire to learn from. George Santayana, a Spanish Philosopher (1863-1952) once said that those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it (paraphrased). No man or woman in the history of the world was perfect (other than Jesus Christ), but those who selflessly rise above the human condition to fight for the greater good are to be celebrated; even in their imperfection.

The reality of why we celebrate Independence Day and proudly place our right hands over our hearts and sing The Star Spangled Banner is…… to –> Read the Full July 4th Newsletter

What’s So Great About Christmas?

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Our office will be closed:
Christmas Hours: Dec 24th and 25th, 2018
New Years Hours: Dec 31, 2018 and Jan 1, 2019

We are rapidly winding up year 2018 and we continue to strive, grow and manufacture the best quality of Peabody Tanks and Tank Related Products. Remember last year when we introduced you to our 2 new Rotational Molding Machines? Since then we have dramatically increased production and because we have the larger Molding Machine (that would be the machine we call Alpha) we are able to increase the sizes of several of our Peabody Tanks.

The strength of who and what we do is based on a foundation of you our customers of what your wants and needs are. We will continue to produce exceptional Peabody Products and develop new products based on your feedback. Whether you call us, or email us or see us at a Tradeshow, we want to know how you use our Peabody Tanks and as a person in your industry what modifications or enhancements you think would be a benefit to our tanks.

So What’s so great about Christmas anyway?

Somewhere, our society has lost the focus of what Christmas is supposed to be celebrating. It is the celebration of a very important birthday, namely God’s only son, Jesus Christ. He was the greatest gift ever to all of mankind.

Santa Claus is seemingly omnipresent wherever you go, Christmas music is on the radio and your inbox is overflowing with cyber deals and doorbuster offers at all the retailers. Many of you already have hung your lights, bought and trimmed your tree, hung your stockings and chances are, there’s a quart of Egg Nog in the fridge.

The kids are looking forward to 2 or 3 weeks off for “Winter Break” and plans for visiting relatives are set. You’re hoping that your Christmas Bonus is large enough to cover all of the things you’ve already charged on the credit card and you’re looking forward to a couple of long and restful weekends of football, family and comfort food…..Read the full Peabody Engineering Christmas Letter by clicking here. It is in PDF format (4.87mb)

Operation Christmas Child

One of our most favorite projects of the year “Samaritan’s Purse – Operation Christmas Child“. Our Peabody Team Members outdid themselves this year by breaking the previous years record of shoeboxes created. Want to know how many we did? Take a look at this short video.

G.E.M Winners for 2018

Peabody Engineering continues to acknowledge Peabody Team Members for all their hard work and dedication to the company’s success. The G.E.M. (Going The Extra Mile) Award is voted on by their peers of who they feel has gone above and beyond to help their fellow team members. You can go here to see all the winners.

SBA Award 2018

Peabody Engineering – Mark and Larry Peabody receive prestigious SBA Region IX Family Owned Business of the Year award. The company was started in 1962 by WWII Veteran and family patriarch Richard Peabody by manufacturing and distributing equipment for the agricultural industry to improve crop yields.

Click here to read the rest of the story…


Top Workplace Award 2018

With a Great Team and a Great Company Culture – Peabody Engineering is named Top Workplaces 2018 in the Small Business Division Third Place!

Click here to read all about the event.


With our exceptional talent within every department from the office all the way to the production floor we look forward in continuing our relationship with you. We Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous year in 2019.

Sincere Regards,
Mark Peabody – CEO and Larry Peabody – President
Phone: (951) 734-7711

Thanksgiving: A Time to Reflect and Renew

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Thanksgiving 2018 – We Hope You Enjoy This Years Thanksgiving Letter.

Our office will be closed on Nov 22nd and 23rd, 2018.

Well, it’s almost Thanksgiving 2018. The official start of the Holiday Season. Retail Shopping Centers and Warehouse discount stores already have Christmas decorations on display. Amazon is flooding our inboxes with shopping ideas. Our relatives are making plans for family gatherings, making airline reservations and dusting off the decorations that will transform our homes into wonderous cathedrals of holiday merriment.

We just finished with Halloween, changed our clocks and voted in what may prove to be one of the most contentious elections in our lifetime. America is deeply divided as self-righteousness, intolerance and narcissism has rampantly gone out of control. Gone are the days of respectful disagreement and forbearance of differing opinions. It seems that there is no longer room for compromise and there is no middle ground. On the one hand is traditional American values, pursuit of one’s own concept of the American Dream, building individual success, time with family and pursuit of your passions with as little interference from government and outside interference as possible. On the other hand, is a coalition of fragmented special interest groups with nothing more in common with each other than a swarm mentality that is willing to compromise everything else to get the one thing important to them, whatever that one thing is.

America is a land that has been Blessed by God. It has positively impacted the world in ways that no other civilization has in the history of the world. The grit, fortitude, ingenuity, determination, synergy, compassion, generosity and courage of this Great Nation has transformed the world. America is the only place in the world where we acknowledge that Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are God-Given inalienable rights. This has created an environment that produced a Nation of people who fought and won 2 World Wars that saved the entire world twice. It created a culture of innovation that sparked the industrial revolution, put man on the moon, created high technology, revolutionized modern medicine, engineering, and continues to lead the world in innovation in every area. Read the full Peabody Engineering Thanksgiving newsletter by clicking here. It is in PDF format (4.4mb)



Operation Christmas Child 2018

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It is with great joy and big hearts that Peabody Team Members participated in Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. Peabody Engineering gladly participates to help support this awesome cause for Samaritan’s Purse. Going to the stores to pick out gifts for the children is probably half the fun of this project. Getting together to put the Shoe Boxes together is another part of this project we enjoy. We set ourselves a goal this year and not only did we make the goal we went over the goal. With lots of love we send these Shoeboxes out into the world so that it may be a blessing to a child who might not otherwise have anything for Christmas. “Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!” 2 Corinthians 9:15.

Click here to see our Operation Christmas Child short video

America Celebrates – Happy Fourth of July 2018

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2018. The Day that The United States of America Celebrates her Independence. This is the 242nd anniversary of our Independence and sadly, these days, much of our population have no understanding at all what we are celebrating. If you really want to know what it means, it seems you must ask either someone over 50 years of age or a naturalized citizen, both of whom were taught the truth of this historical event in the classroom. Unfortunately, in many classrooms today, the significance and impact of America’s independence is minimized in the interest of what people call “moral relativism”. Essentially, that supposedly means that right and wrong, good and bad, is all relative, based upon your culture or perspective, so what may be “good” or “honorable” to one may be “evil” or “dishonorable” to someone else from a different background.

This way of thinking is totally contrary to what America is all about. Somewhere, we’ve lost our way and failed in our responsibility to pass down our core values to the next generation and that must be fixed. Our Nation’s courageous founders were from Europe. They were mostly of Anglo-Saxon decent and left their homelands because of religious persecution. They were looking for a new life in a new world, a wild, untamed land, where they could establish a free society, not under the rule of a monarch, but instead under the rule of the Almighty God, where they were free to worship in their own way and live their lives as free men and women subject not to a government, but only to Our Heavenly Father.

The early settlers did not come to America as racists or conquerors and had nothing but noble intent. They came to the new world with faith and a desire to honor God and live a better life. During the war for Independence from England, the young society’s leaders, men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, James Madison and others risked everything for that dream. Many lost their homes, their possessions, even their lives. But they prevailed and won!

In the process of deciding how to govern this burgeoning nation, they prayed to God for wisdom and discernment to create a Free Nation, where every man had equal rights and the freedom to pursue their own passions and dreams for a better life. Through the study of ancient civilizations and history, they examined what type of government would work to insure a sustainable system of rule while insuring individual freedom and liberty for themselves and all future generations. The result was clearly God-inspired and created The Constitution for a country that would become the most successful, greatest nation in the history of mankind; The United States of America.

America was founded upon the fact that God created all… to –> Read the Full July 4th Newsletter

Peabody Engineering Receives SBA Award for Family Owned Business

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Peabody Engineering & Supply, Inc. to Receive Honors as Region IX Family Owned Business of the Year

Mark and Larry Peabody are to be recognized at the SBA Annual Awards event May 11, 2018. This years 55th annual ceremony will be held at the Disneyland Hotel Grand Ballroom and is being hosted by the Orange County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

“Through decades of hard work, sacrifice and business smarts, Mark and Larry Peabody rode the perilous ups and downs of their business and turned it into an ongoing and profitable enterprise with two distinct divisions and industries. Located in Corona, CA the business takes up a 32,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility with 43 employees and to their credit many have been with the company for more than 20 years. By identifying unmet needs in their industry and creating unique solutions, the firm continues to grow with expansion globally.”

You can go here to read the full News Release.

Click image or 55th Annual SBA to see more photos from the event.

Busy Year and Merry Christmas 2017

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Our office will be closed on
Monday Dec 25th, 2017 and Monday, Jan 1, 2018

This has been a busy year for us and we want to Thank You for your continued support. Of most notable achievement this past year was the building and upstart of 2 new Rotational Molding Machines. Not only did we have to get these machines built quickly (the machines arrived in pieces and our team built them from the ground up), but we also had to put ourselves on the fast-track to learn and utilize these machines.

It has been a challenge and we have some pretty great Peabody Team Members who have bumped it up a notch and done what was needed to take care of business. This stems all the way from our Customer Service department, to our Engineering Department, to our Production Floor, to our Shipping Department and the unsung departments that do their part to keep us moving forward. It has been all hands on deck and everyone working together to take Peabody Engineering to the next level of Manufacturing and Distributing great Peabody Products.


We are now able to make larger capacity Gemini Dual Containment® Tanks and ProChem® Tanks.

If you attended either the AWT or WEFTEC shows this past year you got the chance to see our 1,300 Gallon Gemini Dual Containment® Tank with assorted fittings



This year we have also came out with:

Peabody Engineering has taken the time to acknowledge  Peabody Team Members for exceptional contributions to the company’s success by giving out a monthly award which is our G.E.M. (Going The Extra Mile). Peabody Team Members vote for who they think deserves this acknowledgement amongst their peers. You can go here to see all the winners.

Our amazing Peabody Team Members also take the time to get involved in humanitarian projects like:

  • Samaritans Christmas Child
  • Hurricane Relief
  • St Jude’s Ranch for Children.


Peabody Engineering was honored to be nominated in the Small Company Category for The Top Workplace Awards for the entire Inland Empire Region of California and we placed 7th, there were a lot of great companies that we were up against. We are very proud of our Great Team and Great Company Culture.




We are truly blessed to have the very best in talent working for us here at Peabody Engineering and YOU our dear valued customers. Some of you have been with us for many years and some of you are new. We have an open door policy and if you need us we are only a phone call away. May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our house to yours.


Sincere Regards,
Mark Peabody – CEO and Larry Peabody – President
Phone: (951) 734-7711

We Have The Pilgrims to Blame

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Thanksgiving 2017 – We Hope You Enjoy This Years Thanksgiving Letter.

Our office will be closed on Nov 23rd and 24th, 2017.

Way back in the Mid-1500’s, North America was sparsely populated by indigenous people, natives, who led a tribal existence based upon hunting, fishing and farming. At the time, stronger tribes would routinely raid the weaker tribes, taking their resources and enslaving the survivors of the skirmishes, usually only 25% to 40%, the rest perishing in the conflict on both sides. For the most part, the “foreign conquerors” at the time were primarily Spanish and primarily in the Southern portion of the continent and south into Central America, where they had their hands full with the Aztecs and Mayans, who controlled the region.

At the same time in Europe, King Henry the VIII and his wife Catherine had a baby girl named Mary and Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation in Wittenberg Germany, breaking away from the Catholic Church and spawned a movement of a desire for freedom of worship without the dogma and tradition of the Roman Catholic rulers of the day. The English Monarchy established the Church of England as the official religion of their people and mandated all British citizens to follow their tenets and customs, which looked very much like what the Catholics did to cause the Reformation to begin with. Enter the Separatists (also known as the Pilgrims) who wanted nothing to do with that church……Read the full Peabody Engineering Thanksgiving newsletter by clicking here. It is in PDF format (3.93mb)

Read Our Thanksgiving Newsletter



Fourth of July

America The Beautiful – Happy Fourth of July 2017

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Independence Day, The Fourth of July, A day in the midst of summer vacation with picnics, bake sales, fireworks, parades with marching bands, squirt gun and water balloon fights, baseball games and barbeques. A day we spend with family and friends and build fond memories. A day that children rank right up there with Christmas. A time of Summer Vacations, first kisses, carnivals and pie eating contests.

All of that makes it a special and memorable day of glee, free of the cares of the world and all about letting our hair down and having fun. Here in 2017 though, we seldom remember what it is REALLY about. Independence Day is when we celebrate the signing of The Declaration of Independence, that set in motion the birth of the Greatest Nation in human history; The United States of America.

The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights and the Constitution were God-inspired documents written at a time when Godly people who boldly forged out a new civilization in the wilds of a new world and gained a foothold on an untamed land through hard work and great sacrifice, faced oppression from a government detached and unconcerned about the welfare of the very people who risked everything to make a better life for themselves, their families and future generations.

The King of England at the time, fondly referred to as “Mad King George III”, decided that America belonged to him and he desired to control his subjects and benefit from their toil with nothing for them in return. He would send his minions, the enlisted who donned Red Coats, to lord over the citizens of the 13 colonies, cruel men who would routinely bust into innocent people’s homes and ransack their properties, taking what they pleased, and beating or even murdering those who put up resistance. The conditions were severe and the colonials were wearied from the treatment they received, without a voice in government representing them and their interests.

Then came the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back; The king instituted a 3% tax on tea. Enough was enough and the Colonials, led by George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin and others had had enough. They revolted.

One night in Boston… to –> Read the Full July 4th Newsletter