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Patriotism is NOT Dead – Happy Fourth of July 2020

By June 30, 2020General

Patriotism is NOT DeadOur office will be closed on Friday July 3rd, 2020. We will resume normal business hours on Monday, July 6, 2020.

We made it. It’s here. Independence Day 2020. 244 years ago today, on July 4th, 1776, a handful of brave men and women, some well-educated, all successful and responsible, who loved their fellow man, who forged out a new nation from the harsh wilderness, braving great peril and even death from the harsh environment, from extreme weather, wild animals, threats of peril from bellicose bands of violent savages and outlaws, pestilence and disease!

They could deal with all those threats and they did so successfully. What they would not tolerate was oppression from a far-away ruling authority named George III, who was the King of England and felt that the citizens of the New World were his subjects and toiled for and at his pleasure.

Happy 4th of July!The leaders of the Colonists had had enough and listed the Grievances they had against the crown that despite their complaints, had failed to be addressed. King George’s rule of the Colonies included occupation by an oppressive and draconian standing military force (The Regulars), who routinely broke into private homes and took whatever they wanted in the name of the crown. The King also ordered that trade be cut off to the Colonies, barred citizens from a fair and speedy trial, imposed unfair taxes without representation and 23 more grievances enumerated in a document that defined America and established it as a free and sovereign nation called the Declaration of Independence, which ushered in the Revolutionary War.

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