G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile February 2018

By March 7, 2018 G.E.M. Winners

G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile is an achievement given to a Peabody Team Member for exceptional contributions to the company’s success having gone above and beyond to help fellow Team Members meet and exceed work expectations. All Peabody Team Members have an opportunity to nominate another Team Member for the award. It is a monthly award.

Nominated by her fellow Peabody Team Members – Congratulations to Bonnie Gallagher, who is our Accounting Clerk and works at the front desk in our office, on being February 2018 G.E.M. Winner!

Here are some of the comments we received on her from her fellow Team Members for G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile:

Bonnie Gallagher
Bonnie has been more than willing to help me with any and all questions I’ve had. She is also willing to do what ever anyone ask of her even it puts stress on her to meet her deadlines. She is willing to take on more responsibilities and learn.

Bonnie Gallagher
She is an honest and caring individual along with her bubbly personality you can’t
help but smile when you walk away from her work station.

Bonnie G.E.M. Winner Feb 2018Bonnie Gallagher
Several times I have been on a deadline and Bonnie has jumped right in and offered help and has done what was needed to complete the tasks. She has a genuine happiness about her, with a warm and sweet personality.

Bonnie Gallagher
BONNIE is what I call the ultimate Team player. Her infectious smile melts away any bad attitude someone might have. You can’t be mad at a person who throws kindness at you. If you are having a bad day Bonnie will help change your attitude for the better. She also has a kind and loving Spirit which rubs off onto others. She’s a Team builder. You want to be on her Team. You give her a project and she will run with it, complete it and you won’t have to ask when it will be completed.