G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile April 2017

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G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile is an achievement given to a Peabody Team Member for exceptional contributions to the company’s success having gone above and beyond to help fellow Team Members meet and exceed work expectations. All Peabody Team Members have an opportunity to nominate another Team Member for the award. It is a monthly award.

G.E.M. Going the Extra MileNominated by his fellow Peabody Team Members – Congratulations to Richard Ruiz on being April 2017 G.E.M. Winner!

Click here to watch our YouTube video of Richard being announced the winner.

Here are some of the comments we received on him from his fellow Team Members for G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile:

Richard Ruiz
Richard continues to go above and beyond to do whatever needs accomplished. His energy and enthusiasm to do exceptional work each day is inspiring. He never complains or says no to any challenge. Whether its getting new design drawings done or flying somewhere to do a site walk, Peabody can always depend on Richard to come through!

Richard Ruiz
Richard helps every department, plus does site walks, QC stops whatever he is doing no matter how busy he is to help where needed. Richard took on the whole CAD department & has improved it.

Richard Ruiz
Richard is positive, patient and helpful. He is always ready to help a team member, no matter the circumstances. He always makes you smile. Richard knows what needs to be done and always finds a way to help he is very dependable. Richard has a kind nature about him, he is an extremely hard worker a pleasure to be around and an asset to Peabody.

Richard Ruiz
In general – from time to time I may need assistance on getting various roll ups changed out or set up and when I ask for Richard’s help – he always does!!! Even if he is busy at the moment he will find out what I need and then get it accomplished and does so cheerfully. I appreciate his positive attitude and willingness to help wherever and whenever needed!

Watch Richard being announced the winner for G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile
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G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile March 2017

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G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile is an achievement given to a Peabody Team Member for exceptional contributions to the company’s success having gone above and beyond to help fellow Team Members meet and exceed work expectations. All Peabody Team Members have an opportunity to nominate another Team Member for the award. It is a monthly award.

G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile March 2017Nominated by his fellow Peabody Team Members – Congratulations to Edgar Magdaleno on being March 2017 G.E.M. Winner!

Click here to watch our YouTube video of Edgar being announced the winner.

Here are some of the comments we received on him from his fellow Team Members for G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile:

Edgar Magdaleno
I am nominating Edgar for GEM of the month to recognize him for his hard work in prepping the tanks for shipping. Edgar is always eager to go out of his way to assist his teammates where needed. Edgar is always friendly, positive and respectful, for personal acknowledges to opening doors and carrying in box for me. Not only is Edgar a hard worker at Peabody I admire him for his dedication to achieve his personal goals by attending Norco College. With the above characteristics, I believe Edgar represents Peabody as a positive role model.

Edgar Magdaleno
Comes to work every day, on time and works hard. Always has a positive and encouraging attitude and treats everyone he comes into contact with respect. Always willing to do whatever is asked without complaining.

Edgar Magdaleno
Every day he has such a positive attitude. I had a late order, he got the item from me packaged it up and took it to UPS. Extra, extra mile for Peabody, getting that order out along with other orders. He is never mad, always smiles, he will work anywhere you ask him to work. He will help anyone that looks like they need help without even asking he just jumps in and helps.

Watch Edgar being announced the winner for G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile
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Handling Chemicals Responsibly

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Handling Chemicals Responsibly is More Important Now Than Ever Before.

Handling Chemicals Responsibly“The need for concentrated chemicals in water quality and wastewater treatment applications is a fact of life. Hazardous, toxic chemicals, such as Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine Dioxide, Sulfuric Acid, Amines and Caustics are in use throughout the country in unlikely places where potential exposure to the general public is at risk. Places like hospitals, convention centers, amusement parks, universities and even hotels and office buildings require storage and dispensation of these concentrated and hazardous chemicals to treat recirculating water and effluent of mechanical equipment like boilers, cooling towers, HVAC systems and waste streams, to insure public safety in preserving air and water quality and elimination of toxic and biological exposure in our waste streams and the environment at large.”

The above excerpt is from an Editorial Article on a subject that we are well versed on. Chemical storage and workplace safety are factors we take into consideration when we make all of our Peabody Engineering Products.

Some key highlights of the article include:

  • Environmental contamination
  • Testing and remediation of the site
  • Monitoring and testing for months or even years after the spill
  • Reporting to agencies like EPA
  • Tank configuration
  • Materials of Construction
  • Operating pressure
  • Secondary containment recommended to protect from primary tank failure
  • Other considerations

You can read the full published article online at http://www.pollutionequipment-digital.com.

Additionally you can download a PDF of the article to keep handy as reference material.



G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile February 2017

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G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile is an achievement given to a Peabody Team Member for exceptional contributions to the company’s success having gone above and beyond to help fellow Team Members meet and exceed work expectations. All Peabody Team Members have an opportunity to nominate another Team Member for the award. It is a monthly award and our February 2017 winner is Dorie Palomino who works in our Sales Department.

G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile March 2017Dorie is a solid team member and very dependable. She works hard for her customers to insure they get the best possible service available every time. She has become friends with most of them and her positive, cheerful attitude with her co-workers is a breath of fresh air! Click here to watch our YouTube video of Dorie being announced the winner.

Thanks to Dorie for being a real GEM and helping to make Peabody Engineering a GREAT Company!
Mark Peabody

Here are the comments we received on her from her fellow Team Members for G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile:

Dorie Palomino
Dorie always goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. She takes every call no matter how many she gets in a row. Even when I have difficult questions I know I can always ask her to help me. She is someone who makes sure the job is complete from start to finish. Dorie always makes sure her customer is getting the best price for their order. She enters orders all day making our customers happy from the time she clocks in to the time she clocks out. She is definitely a big team player and asset to Peabody.

Dorie Palomino
Dorie consistently handles every customer call that filters through to her desk professionally and without hesitation. No matter the time of day or day of the week. She continually multi tasks to try to keep stock supplies for her orders in check. I never hear her complain or create distress in her dept. when orders pile up. She continues to amaze me that she stays positive towards me even if I can’t get her what she needs right away. She makes my job less stressful with her showing me grace in my position.

Dorie Palomino
Dependable and consistent. I get complements from customers all the time!! She makes every customer feel special! Very dependable!! Good team player. Follow through on orders and tracks on customer behalf.

Watch Dorie being announced the winner for G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile
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New Team Member Jonathan Ettere

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New Team Member Jonathan EttereThe Cell Site Disguise Guys® would like to introduce you to our New Team Member Jonathan Ettere. With his decade of Sales and Marketing and Project Management experience, Jonathan joins the team ready to be our Manufacturer’s Rep in The Mid-Atlantic/New England States. He has worked with many companies such as VZW, Sprint, TMOB, ATT, Crown, American TWR, planning and designing telecom projects to completion.

His most recent venture of manufacturing of stock and custom made Radio-Frequency (RF) transparent solutions for both the United States and Canadian telecom industry deems him a leader who will bring to the table the ability to coordinate, facilitate and lead a project from start to finish.

To read more about Jonathan click below to read our full newsletter.

ProChem® Tanks – Now With 3 Choices

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3 Great ProChem® Tanks To Choose From!

You may be aware of our ProChem® Tanks but were you aware that we now have 3 styles to choose from? We developed the “ProChem®” Tanks because we saw a need in the industry for tanks with intuitive features not available elsewhere to make your job easier with unique inherent features.ProChem® Tanks
ProChem® Process Chemical Tanks are designed for industrial process chemical applications where a single-walled design is desired.

For more information and to download Spec Sheets
on each of these Single Walled Plastic Tanks:
Read Our Tank Newsletter

The Dunn Edwards InstaColor® App

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Dunn Edwards InstaColor® AppWho doesn’t love a tool that makes their job easier?! We, The Cell Site Disguise Guys®, would like to share with you one such tool that we are very excited to be using a lot more of this year. Introducing “The Dunn Edwards InstaColor® App”. You can use the app on your phone, which can be downloaded either through the itunes APP store or Android Google Play store  and there is also a desktop version.

Click the link to read all about it in our first Telecom newsletter of this year. Also in the newsletter, meet our newest team member, he is the one that told us about the tool!

We Keep You Warm In The Winter!

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We Keep You Warm In The Winter!Welcome everyone to the New Year. Peabody Engineering is not big on making lots of New Year’s Resolutions BUT we are most definitely BIG on ideas. In this 1st newsletter of 2017, our main topic “We Keep You Warm In The Winter” is about how we keep your Plastic Tanks warm.

We Keep You Warm In The Winter

One of our big ideas recently was from our customer who was having problems with their plastic tank contents freezing. We went to work to find a solution and we did. Our Flexible Heating Blanket System is a perfect way to keep your plastic tanks warm that are setting in a cold environment like an unheated warehouse.

Available are (9) different standard models to fit our plastic tanks:

Click the link to read our first newsletter of this year. You will find more information on our solution for our customers need in trying to keep their plastic tanks contents from freezing.

Read Our Tank Newsletter

What Were the Wise Men Seeking?

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What Were The Wise Men SeekingIt’s hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that 2016 is all but over and we are embarking upon another new year; 2017! When I was a boy I dreamed about what the world would look like after the turn of the century but my vision of the future was far from what it turned out to be. Some of the things actually came to pass, like “Dick Tracy” wristwatches and Robots and unmanned flying drones, but the future I dreamed of is actually much more fantastic than I ever imagined. Mankind has conquered inner-space and outer-space. Cloning actually exists and we all carry very powerful computers in our back pockets that can answer any question and tell us how to get anywhere we want to go. It’s an amazing world we live in and the future is bright, that is, unless the Human Race doesn’t lose their way and destroy themselves first.

This is the time of year we are supposed to reflect on our year, be introspective and make resolutions about how we are going to change personally to make our lives better in the year ahead. But there is another thing about December which is the most important thing of all in my humble opinion. It’s the time we celebrate the birth of our Messiah, the Son of God, born of a virgin in a stable, as prophecy foretold thousands of years before and played out exactly as it was supposed to, without exception. Popular culture doesn’t accept the reality of Jesus. It’s too hard to wrap their heads around and maintain the world view that man spontaneously appeared out of nothing. My take is that God created the universe and Jesus was there with Him in the beginning. The story is impossible to believe for man, but with God, everything is possible. Jesus came with a specific purpose; to reconcile mankind to God. Mankind are sinners. We all are and always have been since the fall in The Garden of Eden. It seems like a fairy tale, but prophecy and historical and archeological records confirm it and continued revelations reinforce it as fact.

The Three Wise Men were actually scholars named Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior who were of Jewish heritage and influence who lived in the East, as remnants of a time when Israel was in captivity in Babylon. They studied ancient text and through their studies they knew that The Messiah was to be born in Bethlehem, because that is what the scriptures told them. They followed a star that appeared at the birth of Jesus and eventually, months after His birth, against great odds, found Him and knew that He was the Son of God and our redeemer. What happened and how it happened was exactly according to the ancient texts and Jesus went on to live His life exactly as it was written, down to the finest detail and against incredible odds, fulfilling at least 300 prophecies to the letter. The odds of this are too remote to even comprehend.
Statisticians will tell you that once you get past the 50th “0”, you have gone beyond the reality of there being ANY chance. Yet, Jesus did it!

10 with 50 zeroes behind it is a number nearly equal to the electrons in the known universe. (That number is simply 10 with 52 zeroes.) That’s a MASSIVE number. But it’s a piece of CAKE for Jesus Christ. He beat those odds by 10,107 PLUS zeroes.

The Birth, Life, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the GREATEST GIFT mankind has EVER received. This is why we celebrate Christmas. It’s an amazing story, but the most fantastic part is that it’s true! The Wise Men knew it and sought Him out. Wise men and women today still should seek Him.

This year, take time to go see a Christmas program at your local Church, read the Christmas Story in the Gospels (Luke 2:1-20) with your family and take time to reflect upon the true meaning of Christmas and the promise of redemption for all who believe and accept Christ as their Savior. It’s never too late (as long as you’re still breathing) and you cannot do anything so horrible that He won’t forgive you and redeem you, if you just ask.

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours, we wish you a very Merry and Holy Christmas and the happiest of New Years. It is our prayer that whomever reads this message can accept the greatest gift of all, free to all and unconditional; That is the gift of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

You won’t believe what kids are asking for Christmas – It’s not what you think!!!

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give-donations-christmas-2016From the CEO of Peabody Engineering – Mark Peabody.
For all of our GREAT Peabody customers and fans, I’d like to share a story.
Here in Corona (as I’m sure in many places across this amazing country) There are people who are doing without the basic necessities of life, while others (like us) are incredibly blessed with everything we need plus excess. As I pulled into church yesterday in my 2015 Infiniti, in my wool jacket I purchased at Macy’s on a recent trip I took to New York City, I read the following story and I was moved with emotion and a desire to help by giving some of what I have (and won’t really miss) to help those who don’t have enough. Please read the story below:

“My name is Nielle Reinhart. I am a Special Education teacher and the PTSA advocate for Outreach. Over the last few years we have seen a significant change in the economy and with that came a significant change in needs of our students. Last year our ASB director, Julie Stivers, started the “Angel Tree” at Corona High School. Students would make their Christmas wishes known, and we would try our best to fulfill those wishes. We decided to continue that tradition this year. We were shocked by what our students wished for. They no longer wished for movie tickets and cell phones. Our students are no longer asking for video games or skateboards. This year we have 70 students asking for things such as food, underwear, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, warm blankets and clothing. There was not a single student asking for a toy, a Prom ticket or a yearbook. Our students were asking for the basic necessities needed to survive. I would like to tell you the stories of a couple of our students.

Right before Thanksgiving break we had a student wish for a blanket and a pillow so that they could stay warm, give-donations-christmas-002-2016while their family of 5 slept on the floor in the family room of a relatives home, under only one blanket. We were able to show up at their house over break with 5 blankets, 5 pillows, 10 pillow cases, 5 foam pads, a Stater Brothers gift card and a large box of food. The saddest/best part of that trip was hearing the 5 year old little brother of our student come out and excitedly exclaim, “Do I really get my very own pillow?”

Last week, Mr. Danesh and I called in a student who had not been dressing out for P.E. While speaking with him we learned that he was not dressing out because his family could not afford to buy him underwear and therefore he was afraid to change into his uniform. He also mentioned that he was afraid to run in his current pair of shoes. When I looked down to glance at his current pair of shoes, I realized that his ENTIRE foot was hanging out and that the toe portion of the shoe was literally STAPLED together and the heel portion had been glued.

give-donations-christmas-003-2016Instead of worrying about what movie to watch on Netflix, or what game to play with their friends, our students are worrying about where their next meal will be coming from, how they are going to stay warm at night and how to keep their shoes glued together another day. In order to help relieve some of their life stresses and bring some Christmas joy their way – we are hoping to help provide each of their families with means to purchase food and clothing. We currently have identified 70 individual students and 24 families in need our help and we know that there will be more to come. We would like to be able to provide each of these 70 students with an $100 gift card to Walmart (where they can purchase clothing, school supplies, underwear, shoes and blankets) and each of the 24 families a $100 gift card to Stater Brothers for food. I am hoping and praying that we can come together as a community and help truly make this a Merry Christmas for these families.”

So, Peabody Engineering is going to contribute to this very worthy cause and invite you to help if you are so inclined. We will match every dollar you give up to $1000.00, but the deadline is December 9th, when we have to have the funds turned in. If God has blessed you and you feel the Spirit move in your heart, let us know and you can be a part of Christmas for some families that really need help.

Whether you contribute or not, we at Peabody Engineering wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed time with your family and friends.

Thank You to all those who contributed. We have stopped accepting donations at this time.