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All You Need To Know About Rotational Molding

By November 28, 2022November 30th, 2022White Papers

Rotational MoldingIf you are looking for quality, low tooling costs, high tensile strength, uniform wall thickness, and a single, seamless one-piece construction in a tank or other product, then a rotationally molded part is your best solution.

What is Rotational Molding?

Rotational molding is a three-stage, no-pressure, plastic molding process. During the heating stage, the mold slowly rotates in two planes (bi-axial rotation). Heat transfer causes the plastic charge inside the mold to melt and uniformly coat the interior of the mold. During the second stage, the mold moves to the cooling station, where it is cooled by air and/or water spray. In the final load/unload stage…To read more download our white paper to learn more about Rotational Molding.

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