You won’t believe what kids are asking for Christmas – It’s not what you think!!!

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give-donations-christmas-2016From the CEO of Peabody Engineering – Mark Peabody.
For all of our GREAT Peabody customers and fans, I’d like to share a story.
Here in Corona (as I’m sure in many places across this amazing country) There are people who are doing without the basic necessities of life, while others (like us) are incredibly blessed with everything we need plus excess. As I pulled into church yesterday in my 2015 Infiniti, in my wool jacket I purchased at Macy’s on a recent trip I took to New York City, I read the following story and I was moved with emotion and a desire to help by giving some of what I have (and won’t really miss) to help those who don’t have enough. Please read the story below:

“My name is Nielle Reinhart. I am a Special Education teacher and the PTSA advocate for Outreach. Over the last few years we have seen a significant change in the economy and with that came a significant change in needs of our students. Last year our ASB director, Julie Stivers, started the “Angel Tree” at Corona High School. Students would make their Christmas wishes known, and we would try our best to fulfill those wishes. We decided to continue that tradition this year. We were shocked by what our students wished for. They no longer wished for movie tickets and cell phones. Our students are no longer asking for video games or skateboards. This year we have 70 students asking for things such as food, underwear, shoes, backpacks, school supplies, warm blankets and clothing. There was not a single student asking for a toy, a Prom ticket or a yearbook. Our students were asking for the basic necessities needed to survive. I would like to tell you the stories of a couple of our students.

Right before Thanksgiving break we had a student wish for a blanket and a pillow so that they could stay warm, give-donations-christmas-002-2016while their family of 5 slept on the floor in the family room of a relatives home, under only one blanket. We were able to show up at their house over break with 5 blankets, 5 pillows, 10 pillow cases, 5 foam pads, a Stater Brothers gift card and a large box of food. The saddest/best part of that trip was hearing the 5 year old little brother of our student come out and excitedly exclaim, “Do I really get my very own pillow?”

Last week, Mr. Danesh and I called in a student who had not been dressing out for P.E. While speaking with him we learned that he was not dressing out because his family could not afford to buy him underwear and therefore he was afraid to change into his uniform. He also mentioned that he was afraid to run in his current pair of shoes. When I looked down to glance at his current pair of shoes, I realized that his ENTIRE foot was hanging out and that the toe portion of the shoe was literally STAPLED together and the heel portion had been glued.

give-donations-christmas-003-2016Instead of worrying about what movie to watch on Netflix, or what game to play with their friends, our students are worrying about where their next meal will be coming from, how they are going to stay warm at night and how to keep their shoes glued together another day. In order to help relieve some of their life stresses and bring some Christmas joy their way – we are hoping to help provide each of their families with means to purchase food and clothing. We currently have identified 70 individual students and 24 families in need our help and we know that there will be more to come. We would like to be able to provide each of these 70 students with an $100 gift card to Walmart (where they can purchase clothing, school supplies, underwear, shoes and blankets) and each of the 24 families a $100 gift card to Stater Brothers for food. I am hoping and praying that we can come together as a community and help truly make this a Merry Christmas for these families.”

So, Peabody Engineering is going to contribute to this very worthy cause and invite you to help if you are so inclined. We will match every dollar you give up to $1000.00, but the deadline is December 9th, when we have to have the funds turned in. If God has blessed you and you feel the Spirit move in your heart, let us know and you can be a part of Christmas for some families that really need help.

Whether you contribute or not, we at Peabody Engineering wish you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed time with your family and friends.

Thank You to all those who contributed. We have stopped accepting donations at this time.

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