America Celebrates – Happy Fourth of July 2018

By July 4, 2018 May 21st, 2019 General

Wednesday, July 4th, 2018. The Day that The United States of America Celebrates her Independence. This is the 242nd anniversary of our Independence and sadly, these days, much of our population have no understanding at all what we are celebrating. If you really want to know what it means, it seems you must ask either someone over 50 years of age or a naturalized citizen, both of whom were taught the truth of this historical event in the classroom. Unfortunately, in many classrooms today, the significance and impact of America’s independence is minimized in the interest of what people call “moral relativism”. Essentially, that supposedly means that right and wrong, good and bad, is all relative, based upon your culture or perspective, so what may be “good” or “honorable” to one may be “evil” or “dishonorable” to someone else from a different background.

This way of thinking is totally contrary to what America is all about. Somewhere, we’ve lost our way and failed in our responsibility to pass down our core values to the next generation and that must be fixed. Our Nation’s courageous founders were from Europe. They were mostly of Anglo-Saxon decent and left their homelands because of religious persecution. They were looking for a new life in a new world, a wild, untamed land, where they could establish a free society, not under the rule of a monarch, but instead under the rule of the Almighty God, where they were free to worship in their own way and live their lives as free men and women subject not to a government, but only to Our Heavenly Father.

The early settlers did not come to America as racists or conquerors and had nothing but noble intent. They came to the new world with faith and a desire to honor God and live a better life. During the war for Independence from England, the young society’s leaders, men like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Samuel Adams, James Madison and others risked everything for that dream. Many lost their homes, their possessions, even their lives. But they prevailed and won!

In the process of deciding how to govern this burgeoning nation, they prayed to God for wisdom and discernment to create a Free Nation, where every man had equal rights and the freedom to pursue their own passions and dreams for a better life. Through the study of ancient civilizations and history, they examined what type of government would work to insure a sustainable system of rule while insuring individual freedom and liberty for themselves and all future generations. The result was clearly God-inspired and created The Constitution for a country that would become the most successful, greatest nation in the history of mankind; The United States of America.

America was founded upon the fact that God created all… to –> Read the Full July 4th Newsletter