FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn

By May 26, 2017 Telecom

FCC Commissioner Mignon ClyburnPeabody Engineering was honored to receive FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn at our product display at the recent Wireless Infrastructure Association Convention in Orlando Florida’s Rosen Creek Hotel and Convention Center.

Commissioner Clyburn selected 5 companies to visit in her quest to better understand the wireless telecommunications market and Peabody Engineering’s Cell Site Disguise Guys® approach to creative solutions in hiding unsightly cellular communications sites was definitely one of her priorities. The Commissioner visited with Peabody’s CEO Mark Peabody and asked many questions in order to better understand the landscape in siting concerns across this great nation. Mr. Peabody drew on his 20+ years of experience in creatively concealing cell sites to help Commissioner Clyburn understand the issues that carriers face in getting their sites approved as they struggle to meet the ever growing demand for broadband and cellular connectivity. Mr. Peabody pointed out that cities, municipalities and citizens are concerned with the massive visual pollution created by the countless antenna arrays on buildings and other structures that adversely affect the beauty of their communities and ultimately their quality of life in having their communities blighted by these unsightly antennas, including less than ideal solutions, like artificial trees that are rarely undetectable.

The Commissioner appreciated Peabody Engineering’s approach to seamless integration of their concealment structures into existing architecture, not Mark Peabody and FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburnonly hiding the antennas but actually enhancing the beauty of the buildings the sites are installed upon. She was concerned with the ultimate cost, but Mr. Peabody pointed out that the importance of preserving the beauty of our communities outweighed the marginal cost of concealment in the bigger picture of the multi-billion dollar investment made in infrastructure. “The public has a right to preserve beautiful communities by virtue of the cell phone bills they pay each month for their services and it is the carrier’s responsibility to insure not only good service for their customers, but also good stewardship of our environment, including what we have to look at each and every day.” Peabody said.

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn was concerned about how the concealment structures would affect the quality of the telecom signal, but Peabody assured her that because of the unique RF properties of Peabody Engineering’s materials of construction, the signal loss is well below allowable levels.

The Cell Site Disguise Guys® were honored to host FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn and hope that our brief time together gave her a better understanding of not only our products, but the importance of responsible planning in expanding our wireless infrastructure, keeping in mind the concerns of American citizens respecting unsightly visual pollution of large antenna arrays that are not properly installed to preserve the visual beauty of our many great communities across America.

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