We Keep You Warm In The Winter!

By January 17, 2017 April 26th, 2017 Tanks

We Keep You Warm In The Winter!Welcome everyone to the New Year. Peabody Engineering is not big on making lots of New Year’s Resolutions BUT we are most definitely BIG on ideas. In this 1st newsletter of 2017, our main topic “We Keep You Warm In The Winter” is about how we keep your Plastic Tanks warm.

We Keep You Warm In The Winter

One of our big ideas recently was from our customer who was having problems with their plastic tank contents freezing. We went to work to find a solution and we did. Our Flexible Heating Blanket System is a perfect way to keep your plastic tanks warm that are setting in a cold environment like an unheated warehouse.

Available are (9) different standard models to fit our plastic tanks:

Click the link to read our first newsletter of this year. You will find more information on our solution for our customers need in trying to keep their plastic tanks contents from freezing.

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