We Have The Pilgrims to Blame

By November 20, 2017 General

Thanksgiving 2017 – We Hope You Enjoy This Years Thanksgiving Letter.

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Way back in the Mid-1500’s, North America was sparsely populated by indigenous people, natives, who led a tribal existence based upon hunting, fishing and farming. At the time, stronger tribes would routinely raid the weaker tribes, taking their resources and enslaving the survivors of the skirmishes, usually only 25% to 40%, the rest perishing in the conflict on both sides. For the most part, the “foreign conquerors” at the time were primarily Spanish and primarily in the Southern portion of the continent and south into Central America, where they had their hands full with the Aztecs and Mayans, who controlled the region.

At the same time in Europe, King Henry the VIII and his wife Catherine had a baby girl named Mary and Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation in Wittenberg Germany, breaking away from the Catholic Church and spawned a movement of a desire for freedom of worship without the dogma and tradition of the Roman Catholic rulers of the day. The English Monarchy established the Church of England as the official religion of their people and mandated all British citizens to follow their tenets and customs, which looked very much like what the Catholics did to cause the Reformation to begin with. Enter the Separatists (also known as the Pilgrims) who wanted nothing to do with that church……Read the full Peabody Engineering Thanksgiving newsletter by clicking here. It is in PDF format (3.93mb)

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