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RFTC Concealment Portfolio

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Enclosure Types

Peabody Engineering has designed and fabricated some of the most beautiful RFTC FiberScreen™ and PolyScreen™ enclosures you’ve ever seen!  Whether you need to update the look of a building with new dormers or cupola, replace a unique feature such as a bell tower or steeple, or make a completely new structure build with a clock or water tower, Peabody’s Telecom Division is the right team to have on your side!

Texture Types

Buildings are designed with a variety of textures which add individual character, warmth and beauty to them.  When so much thought and care had gone into the creation of these structures, it’s important to make sure that same care is given to the texture of the cellular enclosures that will become a permanent addition to these building.  Our artisans have years of experience so closely matching a limitless variety of textures that the enclosures are nearly undetectable!

Architectural Features

Every building has its own special character whether it be extravagant trim, functional louvers, or grand arches.  Our Telecom Division is exceptionally talented at duplicating and even enhancing each structure’s beauty by custom designing concealments that blend in seamlessly with the surrounding architecture.

Product Types

Peabody Engineering has three different concealment options for you to choose from.  FiberScreen™ is our most widely used fiberglass product, followed closely by our PolyScreen™ foam system.  CamoScreen™ vinyl overlay is our most recent addition and can be found all over the US in high profile locations and it’s only 2 years old!  We frequently use a combination of products to create beautiful enclosures that will enhance the beauty of each structure.

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