G.E.M. Going The Extra Mile February 2019

By March 4, 2019 G.E.M. Winners

G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile is an achievement given to a Peabody Team Member for exceptional contributions to the company’s success having gone above and beyond to help fellow Team Members meet and exceed work expectations. All Peabody Team Members have an opportunity to nominate another Team Member for the award. It is a monthly award.

Nominated by his fellow Peabody Team Members – Congratulations to Jimmy Avila who works in our Custom Engineered Tank Department, on being February 2019 G.E.M. Winner!

Here are some of the comments we received on him from his fellow Team Members
for G.E.M. Going the Extra Mile:

Jimmy Avila
Good Worker, Teaches his co-workers how to do their job. Helps when someone needs him. He is very familiar with a lot of tools and teaches others how to use them.

Jimmy Avila
Jimmy is the quiet one. He looks for areas where he can help and gets the job done. Alex was out for 2 weeks, then Frank was out on vacation. Jimmy took on the responsibility of completing the work in that department. After that he looked for other areas to help specifically in the molding dept.

Jimmy Avila
Jimmy will ask me (Cheryl) if I need anything while I’m doing the vending machines. He will take the empty boxes and throw them away. Then offer to put things back inside the closet. He also thanks me when I help him with his Insurance, safety and on One point.. He is a really nice guy and likes to help people.

Jimmy Avila
Frank & Alex have both been out for the last few months. Jimmy always steps up when needed. He works well doing any task. Chemtreat hoses, retiming heads & dancers, installing fittings. Anything you ask he will do.

Jimmy Avila
In this month, Jimmy had to step up and take charge of that department when it was short staffed. He managed to complete the projects he had when both Frank and Alex were out.

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