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“PLUS” Enclosures are designed to handle larger chemical feed pump sizes or multiple pumps in one enclosure.

PLUS you can use them for:

  • Peristaltic (tubing) Pumps
  • AODD Pumps
  • Small to medium positive displacement pumps
  • Small Centrifugals

Our PCS-PLUS 2 are available in our standard colors of Natural (Vanilla) or Gemini Blue/Gray 2-Tone but can also be molded in custom colors for special applications or provided with your company graphics molded in for branding and enhanced market exposure. Made of  LDPE Construction.

  • Front opening doors for easy access to pumps
  • Hinged top hood for ease in servicing internal equipment
  • Bottom Suction port for vertical insertion of tubing into your feed pumps
  • Bottom Port for Electrical Connections
  • Integral Hinge design with all non-metallic corrosion-resistant components
  • Dual Pane Viewing Windows for easy visual assessment of pumps inside
  • Integral Anchoring Connections
  • Lockable front doors to secure your equipment from unauthorized access
  • Integral Mounting Supports for Coupon Racks and Piping Manifolds
  • Standard mounting plate for installation of your pump controller inside
  • Enhanced bottom sump drain connection
  • Optional Internal Cooling Fan

Watch A Moment of Tanks – PCS-PLUS 2

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