Thanksgiving: You’re Welcome

By November 25, 2019 General

Happy Thanksgiving 2019Thanksgiving 2019 – We Hope You Enjoy This Years Thanksgiving Letter.

Our office will be closed on Nov 28th and 29th, 2019.

Well, it’s that time of year again. Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Summer Vacation, Labor Day and Halloween are all in the rearview mirror and all that’s left of 2019 is Thanksgiving and Christmas. Arguably, the best time of the year for joy, gratitude, reflection and renewal, time with family and loved ones and plenty of yumminess to consume and imbibe.

Boxes of decorations are coming out of the storage sheds and garage rafters and homes across America are being magically transformed into amazing wonderlands of seasonal décor as moms and dads are eating the last of the fun sized Snickers bars and Butterfingers in the bottom of those old pillowcases that were overflowing with treats a few short weeks ago.

Every Year, I reflect upon what Thanksgiving in America is all about. Why we celebrate it, try to impart a little historical relevance to it and hopefully impart a perspective lost in our current culture of negativity and the vilifying of those who risked it all and sacrificed their lives to toil, hardship and overwhelming adversity to establish what has become the greatest, most benevolent, charitable and accomplished civilization in the history of the world.

Stepping back in time for a quick flyover, you will see that throughout the epochs of recorded history, there has been an underlying theme of oppression, subjugation, genocide and misery for most of the people who ever lived, UNTIL America Became a Country. If we go back as far as the Phonecians, we remember they conquered a region which is today Syria, Lebanon and Northern Israel. They are credited with developing the alphabet (phonics anyone?), shipbuilding, glass making and the production of dyes and luxury goods. Seems like some pretty amazing people. They worshipped Yamm, the god of the sea and brother of Mot, the God of Death. This is where Baal worship began and the Evil Queen Jezzebel once ruled. Part of their worship involved sacrificing human children by casting them alive into a fire. Okay, maybe they weren’t so wonderful after all.

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